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Are You Getting Your Financial House In Order?

June 03, 2021

At the beginning of the year we urged you to work on getting your finances in order.  Things like making sure all of your accounts have beneficiaries on them and knowing how to log into all of your online, financial accounts.  But one of the more complicated estate planning topics you should be thinking about—and also one of the most important—involves powers of attorney.

At some point before our deaths, many of us will become physically and mentally unable to manage our own affairs. It’s critical that we empower someone we trust to make financial and healthcare decisions on our behalf. Power of attorney is a legal instrument that allows us to do that.

Powers of attorney authorize an agent of your choosing to deal with all your property, to act on your behalf with any company you do business with, and to make medical treatment decisions on your behalf. All that gives you the reassurance that in an emergency, a person you trust will have the authority to act for you. And, it spares your loved ones from the costly, time-consuming legal process of having a guardian or conservator appointed to make decisions for you.

You can call the office at any time to discuss any questions you may have about powers of attorney or other estate planning topics.

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay the course.



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