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Financial Planning and Investment Management

Because we have separated our planning and advisory services from the product implementation services, you have the flexibility to work with us in a fee-based “planning-only” relationship. Our financial planning services help you find the answers to the most common financial planning questions, and we will either assist you in developing a plan of your own or simply review your current plan for areas of improvement. Before getting to the numbers or exploring any potential solutions or strategies, we first get to know the predominant emotional factors that tend to add to or detract from your happiness. Specifically, these are your biggest fears or obstacles, your best opportunities and your current sources of confidence. These emotional factors are absolutely crucial to the planning process. Once the wheels of the plan are in motion, only a periodic check up is required to keep the plan updated on an as needed basis, naturally making this type of planning a limited engagement.


OUR FINANCIAL PLANNING SERVICE is unique to each client but addresses the most common financial concerns and questions people have, which often include:

  • Will my family be okay financially if one of us were to die or become disabled tomorrow?
  • How much will I need to provide my children or grandchildren with a quality education?
  • How much income will I need in retirement and how much will I need to save to accumulate enough to last for a 30 year retirement?
  • Is my money allocated the way it needs to be for my risk tolerance level?
  • How would it impact our situation if one of us, or someone we have to care for, required an extended visit in a long term care facility?
  • Am I paying unnecessary taxes on my investments and am I taking advantage of all available tax deductions and credits?

And many more…

Fees are based on the complexity of your situation and the time involved in putting together your initial plan and strategies and could be one time or recurring in nature, depending on your needs.