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PURPOSE PLANNING and its employees are dedicated to making a positive impact that reaches far beyond our daily work for our clients.

We firmly believe in our responsibility towards our community's military and children. We recognize that by serving them, our entire city reaps the benefits. While we are actively engaged with various organizations, we have made a bold commitment to support the children of fallen heroes. We've pledged our time and resources for the long term to Angels of America's Fallen, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a mission to empower the children of fallen military, law enforcement, EMS, and firefighting professionals, helping them develop into strong and successful adults. Angels achieves this by providing funding and resources for positive developmental activities like sports, art, or music during their critical developmental years, from the time of loss through age 18.

While Angels of America's Fallen covers the costs of these activities, their support goes beyond financial assistance. They actively follow up with and encourage the children, celebrating their successes throughout the year. This sustained engagement is essential for creating a lasting positive impact.

Since 2020, Jennifer has proudly served as their Gala Sponsor. The Angel Gala is a wonderful benefit event where the children who have benefited from the organization can showcase their newly developed skills and passions. Additionally, Jennifer serves on their advisory board, hoping to leverage her skill set to further the organization's mission.

We feel immensely fortunate to honor our nation's heroes by investing in the lives of their children. This incredible organization does for them what we do for our clients: make a long-term commitment.

Apart from our involvement with Angels of America's Fallen, we are also actively engaged with several other non-profit organizations, including but not limited to:

Rotary Club of Broadmoor District

Colorado Springs Military Affairs Council

Mountain Post Santa's Workshop

Peterson Air and Space Museum

United States Air Force Academy- Air Force Academy Hockey

Our Process

Rotary International

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Angels of America's Fallen

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Mountain Post Santa's Workshop

The charitable entities and/or fundraising opportunities described herein are not endorsed by or affiliated with Cetera Advisors LLC or its affiliates.  Our philanthropic interests are personal to us and are not reviewed, sponsored or approved by Cetera.