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Coping with the Quarantine

April 16, 2020

It is mid-April. For those of you who are losing track of time and space, that may come as a real shock. I know this last month has felt like approximately 2,546 days have passed, but you're wrong. It's all wrong. Everything is wrong.

We are all going a little stir crazy. Thankfully, here in Colorado the weather has been pretty agreeable, so we have been able to get out for walks and the like.  But my kids are all a bunch of sissies and start whining that their feet hurt or they are hot after 13 minutes. That only leaves 1,427 minutes to fill up on any given day. What to do, what to do? 

Here is how we are passing the time:

1.  Homeschooling with new remote learning systems takes up a very large percentage of our day, but the entire affair is so frustrating that I don't really want to talk about it.  Let's just say that my educational standards have dropped dramatically, and as long as my kids aren't any dumber than when they started this school year I'm counting that as a success.  

2.  Last week we painted rocks to hide around the neighborhood. Good, clean fun, right?!  Well, my eight year old shot herself in the face with BLACK acrylic paint 30 seconds into that adventure.  We spent two hours cleaning her, the table, floors, chairs, walls, bathtub, carpet and clothes.

3.  After much discussion and disagreement, I caved and let my husband buy Disney Plus. Well, he actually did it without telling me because he knew I would object.  I think my kids have plenty of TV viewing options with Netflix and Hulu so I've been trying to hold out but what's done is done. Let their brains rot. Whatever. See point number 1.

4. My husband and I were completely enthralled by Tiger King on Netflix. It only took us 2 nights to consume the 7 hours of complete and utter insanity that is Tiger King.

5. We then decided we needed a bigger, longer-term TV goal.  Even in a crisis, we are people of action and productivity.  Always stretching ourselves.  Always growing.  So, we are currently re-watching all of the Avengers movies in order, from the beginning.  I usually make it about 20 minutes before I pass out on the couch.  I have to do better.  I WILL do better.

In all seriousness, we really are just trying to take it easy. Learning to slow down, breathe, cuddle our kids more and stop putting so much pressure on ourselves and on them.  If this time has taught me anything so far, it is that I really have a lot less control than I'd like to admit. We are safe, healthy and together. What else could we possibly need? When we get to the other side of all this, I really hope that lesson sticks with me.

Wishing you all well,