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Employee Spotlight- Cameron Groah

April 26, 2020


Our clients are a huge part of our lives and we feel like we know all of you pretty well. So, in the coming weeks we want to highlight each member of our exceptional team so that you all can get to know us on a deeper level. This week we are kicking it off with our very special, very talented Cameron Groah. 

Where are you from?

It’s a 50/50 split- Lancaster, PA and Stillwater MN.

Where do you live now and why do you love it?

Bozeman, MT.  I love Bozeman because there is so much opportunity to access the outdoors.  I also love the snowy winters and that everyone has a dog.

What food do you hate?


What is your secret talent?

I can turn my tongue in to an octopus. 

What was your dream job as a child and why?

Travel Agent. I loved vacations and playing office.

What goal do you hope to accomplish before the end of 2020?

A full and strong recovery from ACL and Meniscus surgery.

Dogs or cats.

Dogs, for sure.

Describe your happy place in 3 words:

Fresh powder turns!