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Leave Your Fear in 2021

January 04, 2022

It's real talk time, woman to woman. I'm in my mid 30s and it wasn't until a conversation with our business coach in 2020 that I realized JUST how much I had let fear drive the decisions I had made especially when it came to my career.  I think I was so busy having and raising babies and trying to juggle everything that I just simply hadn't had time to reflect.  But once I did, I realized that even though I felt more comfortable in my own skin than I ever had, I was still REALLY scared of failing and of disappointing people.  

The funny thing was, I didn't view myself as a shy or timid woman. I didn't think I was afraid of disappointing people.  But a follow up conversation with Jennifer yielded this comment from her: "Oh, Bethany, you are a people pleaser. You always have been. You want everyone to be happy."  And I started to view myself differently. I realized that while I am certainly bold, she was right.  I am also very relational and I do prefer for everyone to be happy. Apparently, even to my own detriment.  

A conversation with my husband that was totally unrelated a couple of weeks later included this comment from him: "Beth, you can't make everyone happy all the time."  FINALLY I got the message and realized I really needed to start making some changes.  And the thing that has been the most helpful is to take advice from other, more successful women. One of these women is Jennifer.  You simply cannot keep that women down.  She goes after what she wants with a tenacity that is truly remarkable. And when it doesn't work out, she pauses, reflects and moves on to the next goal.

Another such women is Natalie Wolfsen. She is the first female CEO of AssetMark. Many of you have accounts with AssetMark.  We have been using them for years because they offer phenomenal asset management services.  She has been in her role for 7 months and has had several appearances recently. 

You can click here to read about her plans to expand AssetMark Services or click here to hear her appearance on the "Her Success Matters" podcast where she discusses her journey to CEO and, you guessed it, HOW TO FACE YOUR FEAR. 

In case you don't actually want to listen to the podcast, I will sum it up for you because the advice is the same I've heard over and over all these months: You have to try.  You have to do the new thing. You have go for what you want.  You have to speak up. You have to say what you want or need. Will you fail sometimes? Yes.  Will the world keep spinning?  Also yes.  I can attest to all of this personally.  Is my life perfect now? Of course not. But it sure is a lot more balanced than it was and I have WAYYYYYY less worry.

You may say, "Well, it's just not quite that simple."  And I would say to you, "Actually it is."  Less thinking, more doing. 

So, what are you going to go after in 2022? I'm not talking about meaningless resolutions. I'm talking about setting your intentions for the year.  What is 2022 going to bring you?  A promotion? Starting a business? A better understanding of your finances? Healthier relationships with better boundaries? Getting rid of all the stuff in your house that you feel like is suffocating you?

Whatever it is, go get it, girl.