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Leaving a Lasting Legacy

Leaving a Lasting Legacy

April 20, 2024

Planning for your legacy is one of the most meaningful steps you can take to create a lasting impact from your wealth and values. As trusted financial advisors, we encourage you to thoughtfully consider how you want to steward the resources you have accumulated over your lifetime. 

Below are some key questions to ask yourself and discuss with your family when mapping out your legacy goals:

  • How can you pass on and preserve meaningful family assets like vacation homes, heirlooms or a family business?
  • What financial support would help loved ones pursue their dreams while promoting responsibility and stewardship?
  • Are there friends or mentors who made an important impact that you may want to honor through a gift?
  • What causes or charitable organizations align with your values that you may want to support through a donation or bequest? Consider setting up a donor-advised fund or private foundation.
  • Would you like to fund scholarships or other educational opportunities to help future generations?
  • What experiences or places were most meaningful to you that you’d like to memorialize or preserve?

Starting the wealth transfer conversation early and revisiting it over time can help align your legacy with what matters most as life evolves. We are well versed in a variety of tax efficient strategies for wealth transfer and are here to assist you in thoughtfully coordinating estate plans to leave the impact you envision. Please let us know how we can be a helpful guide in this rewarding process.

~Stevie and the Purpose Planning Team