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November 02, 2021

Last month, I brought you Stevie. This month, I give you Dusty.  I asked him some equally deep questions and I was equally impressed with his answers. It took us SLIGHTLY longer to get around to food. These people are my kind of people!

Dusty, what is your claim to fame?

I qualified for the 2020 Boston Marathon. However, I didn’t get to run the marathon due to COVID cancelling the official race, and instead ran it virtually from Liberty, MO to Platte City, MO with my training coach. Unfortunately, my running hobby is no more as I have an arthritic knee (from ACL reconstruction from college soccer) and continuing long-distance running would result in a knee replacement well before I am the appropriate age for that!

How about a secret talent?

I don’t believe I have a secret “talent”. We do have a family recipe lasagna that is delicious, and I do a pretty good job of making this dish.

MMMMM. Sounds delicious!  What goal do you hope to accomplish by the end of 2021? We are almost there. Is it going to happen?

There are so many areas of life with goals, and I’m a stats person who enjoys analyzing historical data to compare results. For 2021 and what it has provided, I’ll focus on my physical health goal for this question as this area has had the most change this year. I set out to accomplish a bucket list item in running the official Boston Marathon this fall. However, early this year I found out about the arthritic knee, and I had knee surgery to clean up the current knee situation. My first goal, which has already been accomplished, was to fully recover from the knee surgery. Therefore, I’ve set a new goal by year-end to try different activities with less knee joint impact, and identify the next activity (and events) to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Does your life look the way you imagined when you were a kid? Why or why not?

Ha! No. I thought I’d be a professional soccer player and didn’t imagine anything past that as a kid. As an older kid (e.g., college student), my career in financial services looks similar to what I envisioned.

Dogs or cats?

Both with no preference, although our cats (Tiger and Panther) were before the dog (Bear) in the family.

Your happy place is 3 wordsKids activity events

What's your favorite thing about being a dad? Seeing my kids growth in all aspects of life.

Thank you for sharing with us today! It's been great getting to know you and Stevie!