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The Women of Purpose Planning Have Resolve!

February 01, 2021

Well, it's February. How are your New Year's Resolutions coming along? Have you forgotten about them? Did you even make any? Well, we did!  And we want to share them with you! In case you missed it, here is our 2021 New Year's Resolution Checklist.


Look, here's the thing: 2020 was just a bummer of a year. I think we can all agree that we are entitled to a do over, but we aren't going to get it. It's 2021 now and here at Purpose Planning, we are bound and determined to do better than just survive the next 11 months. So here are our thoughts on how we are incorporating this list into the rest of our year. We plan on THRIVING in 2021.

Number 3: Make Kindness a Priority

Cameron- If I learned anything last year, it is that we don't have as much control over our lives as we think we do.  What we can control is the way we move through the world. I am really focusing on being intentionally kind to myself and everyone I interact with.  Love makes the world go 'round.

Number 6: Reflect on a Positive Change from 2020 and keep it going in 2021

Jennifer-You may remember that we did a New Year's Resolution Checklist last year as well, and one of the items on it was to eat more greens!  That one actually really stuck with me all year and it's been pretty simple, so I plan on keeping it going.  Salads are a regular part of my weekly meal planning, I add spinach to my scrambled eggs and smoothies, and I sneak veggies into other meals whenever possible. 

Sadie- Since going to the gym hasn't been an option, I have started doing workouts that I find online. I have tried several different types of workouts that I never would have done at the gym. Not only have they been really enjoyable, but I have also noticed some positive results related to my health. I'm definitely going to keep it going in 2021.

Bethany- 2020 really forced me to lighten up in a lot of ways.  No one ever left the house so I had two choices: be mad that the house was constantly loud and messy or embrace the chaos to the best of my abilities.  I embraced the chaos.  I still don't like toys all over the floor or for the sink to be full of dishes, but now I can leave them until the next day without feeling like my head is going to explode. 

Number 7: In a socially distanced world, make connecting a priority

Jennifer- This year I plan on reaching out to the people I love in a more personal way. Social media is great for keeping an eye on what is going on with friends and family, and I am generally content with that. But I have realized I need to do a better job of initiating meaningful communication with the who are important to me.  Phone calls, texts, maybe even a card or two.

Number 9: Get More Rest

Sadie- Last year we moved from Missouri to Colorado so there really wasn't much time for relaxing.  This year, I am definitely focusing on slowing things down.  I've been reading some really fun and interesting books, and my husband and I have been enjoying doing jigsaw puzzles together.

Bethany- I am REALLY excited about this resolution! My kids are still young but they are not babies anymore, and I have decided the time has come for me to really take better care of myself starting with getting adequate sleep.  Two ways I am doing this: 1. Go to bed when I am tired even if it's "too early." 2. Say "no" to things I don't want to do even if it disappoints my kids or extended family.

Number 10: Get your Financial House in Order

Cameron- This is one of those cases of the cobbler's children having no shoes.  I've got beneficiaries on all of my accounts but I do not have a will written or a medical directive or POA in place. My goal is to get that all of sorted out before the end of the year.  **Bethany needs to do this too! Stay tuned for more information later in the year!**